Elena Fadeeva reelected the Russian Communications Consultancies Association (AKOS) chairman for the second term

Elena Fadeeva has been reelected as chairman of the Russian Communications Consultancies Association (AKOS) for the second two-year term (2010-2011) by general meeting of its members.AKOS, which has celebrated its 10-th anniversary in 2009, unites the most respected and reliable independent players of Russian PR market, whose total market share exceeds 50%.

АКОS is a member of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation), the only member representing the Russian public relations consultancy market.  ICCO was founded in 1986 and today comprises national trade associations representing independent public relations consultancies from 28 national organisations uniting more then 1000 PR agencies. All over the world ICCO membership is a recognized proof of company’s professionalism and accordance with international ethical standards. Membership in AKOS means following the standards of ICCO, which has been described in the Stockholm and Roman Charters.

In 2008-2009 AKOS initiated several projects contributing to the development of highly professional, transparent and effective PR industry in Russia. For example, for the first time in history Russian communications market has been measured for 2007-2009.  A number of documents outlining principles of work and the basic mechanisms of the industry have been developed, including the memorandum of the unified principles of pricing in the PR services market, the memorandum of quality assessment methods and KPI, classification of PR activities and PR services in Russia. The number of AKOS members has grown by 30 % in the last 2 years.

«I am grateful to colleagues for the honour to continue the work on supporting the professional development of the Russian communication industry, – Elena Fadeeva, the General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard has commented. – AKOS has ambitious plans for 2010-2011. As Russian economy is starting its recovery from downturn, we expect active growth in the field of communications. In my point of view the main goal for AKOS is the establishment of high professional standards, development of the PR industry and representation of public interests of the industry».

The Russian Communications Consultancies Association (АКОS) was founded in 1999 as a union of fundamentally new type for the Russian public relations market and has united the most respected and reliable independent players of Russian PR market. At the moment AKOS consolidates 28 first-rate Russian PR-consultancies, whose common market share exceeds 50 %. Collectively AKOS members employ more than 1500 PR specialists. www.akospr.ru

AKOS members

Full members: 3.14R, AGT, CNC, Niccolo M, Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard, ImadgeLand Edelman PR, ICCG (Image-Contact Consulting Group), lmh consulting, Insiders, KROC, Maslov PR, Mikhailov & Partners PR Agency, Mmd, NEWTON.PR&COMMUNICATIONS, Niccolo M, Point Passat, PR Inc., Primum Mobile, PROpaganda, PRO-Vision, Sokur & Partners, SPN Ogilvy, Tainyi Sovetnik.

Associated members: BC Communications, Eventum Premo, Gurov PR, Kaibanov&Associates, R&I Group.