Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard conducted round table “Corporate communications: from Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Dialog”

Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard communication agency initiated discussion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs by conducting a round table “Corporate Communications: from Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Engagement” during “Moscow PR days” Festival on June 10, 2010.

Roundtable participants discussed the latest approaches to CSR and CSR principles. The main subject of the discussion was dialog between business, society and government as a form of communications that ensures interests of all the parties involved in CSR projects. To illustrate the issue participants presented the CRS cases form local and international experience.

In her presentation titled “Promotion of Gratuitous Blood and Blood Components Donation as an Example of CSR” Tatyana Shakhnes, PR Director, LG Electronics Russia, highlighted how LG Electronics promotes its CSR activities to internal and external audiences, from company’s management and employees to Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development and a wide range of media.

Sophia Malyavina, Minister assistant and the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development press secretary, concentrated on the Ministry’s role in promotion of the values of social responsibility to governmental authorities and business leaders. She also presented the priority communication projects in healthy life-style which are realized with Ministry’s help and assistance.

Alexey Germanovich, Social and Government programs Director, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, in his speech “What CSR is in Fact: Glamour or Production Necessity” touched the problem of top managers’ attitude towards CSR. Using the case of the Public Joint-Stock Company Severstal, who is recognized as one of the CSR leaders among metallurgical companies, he illustrated the strategic factors of business development including IPO that may drive CSR’s significance.

In Olga Prokhoda’s, Nestle Russia&CIS internal communications and charity manager, presentation “Creating Shared Value: Nestle Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy” she spoke about role of CSR in Nestle business strategy and the conducted activities. Special emphasis was given to the First Nestle Russia Creating Shared Value Forum, organized by Nestle in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Compact Network Russia.

Igor Sobolev, advisor to Uralsib Finanical Corporation and CEO of Uralsib Corporate Charity Foundation, in his report “Corporate Charity Values System: from Declarations to Management of Social Results” presented charity activities of Uralsib Finanical Corporation, its’ relation to CSR, company’s standards for charity projects and activities and the influence of values-principles-standards hierarchy on strategic realization and effectiveness of corporate charity.

Round table participants, including Evald Gerbst, external affairs advisor to GlaxoSmithKline Russia CEO, Elena Popova, PR director of OTKRITIE Financial Corporation Ltd., Maria Parutina, PR director of Uralsib Insurance Group, Marina Balabanona, PR and GR Director of Danone Russia, Victoriya Zotikova, advisor to UNDP Russia, Tatyana Grinenko, manager for internal communications and social projects of HSBC Russia, Valeriya Gavrilenko, PR manager of Johnson&Johnson Russia, Ekaterina Sherbakova, head of PR directorate of the Public Joint-Stock Company Stroytransgaz, noted the significance of professional experience sharing and the increasing role of corporate communications for successful business in Russia.

Elena Fadeeva, General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard, Chairwomen of the Russian Communications Consultancies Association (AKOS), a moderator of the round table: “A dialog with public is becoming increasingly important success factor for Russian and International companies. We can see a certain shift in businesses practices: companies used to apply reactive approach, responding to the public inquiries. However, right now companies more and more often act proactively, trying to anticipate their target groups’ expectations. And due to the active dialog they manage to offer interesting and effective programs. Basing on the experience we have we are eager to continue this professional discussion further.”

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