Nestle Russia Holds Open Forum on Nutrition for Children

Nestle Russia, with the support of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard, held an open forum called “Conversation about the Right Food” for journalists in Vologda.

During the forum, first-form boys and girls from school number seven learned about the health benefits of eating whole grain hot cereals, which are one of the healthiest ways to start your day.  After learning about the differences between various types of hot cereals and their components, the students learned to cook this nutritious dish themselves.

“Conversation about the Right Food” is a unique educative program, devoted to the formation of good food standards for children. It was developed by the Institute of Age Physiology of the Russian Education Academy through the initiative of Nestle Russia, and it has been successfully instituted for 12 years in kindergartens and schools across 31 Russian regions. There are 400,000 children and students who take part in the program annually.

After finishing the open forum, journalists took part in a press briefing on the theme of “Children’s Education about the Right Food,” during which A.G. Makeeva, Head of the program and representative of the Healthcare and Education Department of Vologodskaya Oblast talked about the successful realization of the project.

“Conversation about the Right Food” is a part of Nestle’s CSR activities called “Creating Shared Value.”

“Thanks to support from Nestle Russia, the number of schoolchildren who know the rules of healthy eating is increasing every year. Thus, the company is helping to solve one of the most serious social problems: the education of a healthy generation,” emphasized Alexandra Germanovna Makeeva, Head of the project and Senior Research Officer of the Institute of Age Physiology.