State-Business Partnership in the Communications Sector

Working group on Communications of the Russian Union and Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in partnership with Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard conduct a panel discussion Issues Surrounding the Image of Business in Russia, and State-Business Partnership in the Communications Sector.  This is the first official meeting of the working group. A number of important topics and questions related to state-business partnership in the communications sector were discussed.

The meeting was moderated by Elena Fadeeva, Director of the RSPP’s Communications Working Group and Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard General Director. Participants discussed the need for dialogue between the state and the business community, in constructing an innovative economy in Russia; the state of Russia’s current legislation in the corporate communications, and public relations sectors; and the idea of communications partnerships between business and the state, and between business and society, that could be established under the framework of current social initiatives. In addition, the Panel Discussion participants touched on the issue of assessing and improving the efficiency of state-business dialogue in realization of priorities for growth of the Russian economy; and issues related to building a positive image of business within Russia, and of Russian business abroad.

A draft programme was drawn out that sets up the Working Group’s activities over the coming year, in order to implement initiatives along the lines set up during the meeting.

Taking part in the Panel Discussion were: Sergey Mytenkov, managing director for information and communication technologies at RSPP; Ilya Fabrichnikov, director of the marketing communications department at Nvision Group; Sergey Kuropkin, head of the division for relations with public organizations and state bodies, at BASF; Tatyana Shakhnes, public relations director at LG Electronics; Elena Yamschikova, public relations director at Disney Russia; Sergey Kudasov, adviser to the Chairman of the Board at the National Clearing Centre JSCB; Alexey Khodorov, director for corporate relations at Alcoa-Russia; and Galina Snatkina, director for corporate and external relations at Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard.

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) is a national organization representing the interests of the business community in Russia and bringing together more than 320 thousand representatives from industrial, scientific, financial, and commercial organizations in each of Russia’s regions. Collectively, the businesses that constitute the RSPP’s membership produce over 60% of Russia’s total GDP. Today’s RSPP comprises over 100 industrial and regional groups from all the key sectors of the economy: fuel and energy, the banking and investments sector, the military-industrial complex, construction, chemicals manufacturing, the consumer and food industries, and the service sector.