AKOS Conference «Using digital communications to manage corporate reputation»: Digital PR is expected to grow by 30% in 2011

The Russian Communications Consultancies Association has conducted a conference on «Using digital communications to manage corporate reputation» with the support of the Association of Managers of Russia.

During the conference questions were raised about the internet’s impact on companies’ corporate reputation, starting with the legal aspects of distributing unconfirmed information and leading to the best case examples of how international and Russian organizations manage their activities for the internet audience.

«In 2011 we expect that the digital PR market in Russia will grow by 30%. Corporate communications will develop most quickly, including the financial sector and tools that aim to prompt feedback and live dialogue with the audience will also grow. The market will continue to move towards civilized, transparent practices and away from ‘agents of influence’ to a more open performance in the digital environment, – Elena Fadeeva, chairwoman of АКОS, General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard commented. «A separate noticeable trend can be found in a more active use of the Internet for external relations and GR purposes, and also the growth of State communications with the general population».

Digital communications today are not simply a separate tool, but are becoming more and more integrated into complex programs of reputation management. Companies are adapting traditional communication strategies for social and digital mass-media. The tendency was recorded by regular ICCO Trend Barometer research based on a poll of 1400 PR agencies worldwide. 94 % of surveyed PR agencies use digital tools as an obligatory part of a communication campaign. Digital tools are highly integrated in day to day PR work.  49% of agencies are working on digital projects within their usual project teams, 31% of them allocate them to specialized digital practices or departments, and 11 % of PR agencies engage specialized digital agencies in the process.

The speakers at the conference were:

  • Sergey Litovchenko, Chief executive of the Association of Managers
  • Elena Fadeeva, chairwoman of АКОS, General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard
  • Alexander Vaneev, Senior lawyer of Magisters judiciary practice
  • Nikita Belykh, Governor of  Kirovskaya oblast
  • Elena Nagajchuk, Deputy Chief of administration managerial control and Chief of the Information projects department of FАS
  • Phillip Iljin-Adaev, General Director of Banki.ru
  • Karen Asojan, Head of the corporate communications department of Open Society “Megaphone”
  • Ekaterina Turtseva, manager of brand-communications (PR) of Open Society “Vympelcom” (“Beeline”)
  • Marina Akulich, blog-secretary of the PR department of Open Society “MTS”
  • Sergey Skripnikov, Head of the press-service of Ericsson
  • Sergey Lurie, Senior expert on information and analytical projects of the PR department of Rosnano
  • Maria Zhog, Director of the PR service of “Trojka Dialogue”
  • Nina Osovitskaya, consultant of the HR-Brand Award, HeadHunter
  • Alexey Shtejngardt, General Director of Hays Russia
  • Elena Aleksandrova, Head of the social projects department of Open Society “Megaphone”
  • Julia Shishkina, Chief specialist of the Internet projects department of the press-service of VTB
  • Maria Vernomudrova, the external relations and internal communications specialist of DHL
  • Charles Kronstedt, Director of EF Englishtown online school in Russia.

Mikhaill Umarov, General Director of Comunica and Head of a Digital working group for АКОS and Denis Terekhov, Managing partner of Social Networks acted as moderators of the round tables.

«Megaphone» was the event’s general partner.

«RBC Daily», Finam FM and Sostav.ru acted as information partners.

Additional information on the conference can be found at www.akospr.ru

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