АКОS Awards the Best Thesis Among Public Relations Students at Lomonosov Moscow State University

At the Lomonosov MSU graduation ceremony, the Russian Communications Consultancies Association (АКОS) announced the winner of the thesis contest among philosophy students studying public relations. The winner was Eugeniy Grekov, the author of the work “PR technologies for promoting high-tech innovations in the market (using the Apple iPad as an example).”

This prize was established by AKOS following a series of lectures called “Strategic Consulting in the Field of PR,” which started in winter 2011.

Elena Fadeeva, General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard said: “All the theses of Lomonosov MSU public relations students were prepared at a high level, and it wasn’t easy to determine the winner. Eugeniy Grekov’s work completely covers strategy and tactics of communication campaigns with traditional and new PR methods, including digital. On behalf of the industry, I’d like to thank the heads of the program and the faculty for such a high level of knowledge among graduates who will soon become PR specialists.”

“The public relations discipline was established in the Department of Philosophy at Lomonosov MSU more than ten years ago to give fundamental knowledge to future PR specialists. Within this program, students are offered one of three specializations: Public Relations in Business, Public Relations in the Political Sphere, and Communications Management. Our partnership with AKOS and organizations with contests like this give students the opportunity to work with representatives of the professional community. This is especially important today considering the new standards in the system of national education,” says Anna Kostikova, scientific advisor for the Public Relations educational program at the Department of Philosophy at Lomonosov MSU.

The Russian Communications Consultancies Association (АКОS) was founded on March 16, 1999, as a union of a fundamentally new type for the Russian public relations market, and has united the most respected and reliable independent players in the Russian PR market. АКОS is a member of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation). At the moment, AKOS consolidates 29 first-rate Russian PR consultancies, whose common market share exceeds 60%. All over the world ICCO membership is a recognized proof of a company’s professionalism and accordance with international ethical standards. More information on AKOS is available at www.akospr.ru.