Launch of the new ice cream Magnat Gold?!

In Moscow, in the Vazari Villa area, a new product Magnat Gold from a leader on the Russian ice-cream market – Inmarko (member of Unilever group) had its debut presentation. The press event was attended by the managers of Inmarko and representatives of various mass media of the capital.

Florin Trandafirescu, President, Inmarko, LLP, gave the opening speech, which told about the company, its innovative approach and its most recent product innovations. “Today, we are justifiably an acknowledged leader on the Russian ice-cream market. Every day, we strive to anticipate the expectations of our customers, focusing on innovation technologies, and on-going quality control and improvement for our products,” said Mr. Trandafirescu.

The new Magnat Gold?! is destined to become one the most desired varieties of ice cream, it was developed by the company’s best ’experts worldwide. Magnat Gold is the world’s first “gold” chocolate ice cream.

The new product is being introduced in Russia by the famous Hollywood actor, Golden Globe and Oscar winner, Benicio del Torro. In the advertising campaign he unveils the secret of golden ice cream. “Magnat Gold is not like any other ice-cream I have ever tasted. This is an absolutely new taste that truly astonishes, says Benicio del Toto. – As real gold is in short supply, Magnat Gold will be a perfect substitute giving incomparable delight on any day”.

During the event journalists took part in an entertainment program – they could have their dexterity tested, participate in shooting a cops and robbers film, or slipping past laser alarms to get to the contents of a gold safe, The culmination of the evening was the triumphant opening of a safe and golden fire-works. All the visitors had an opportunity to savour the new ice cream Magnat Gold and watched the new “Magnat” commercials filmed by one of the most successful Hollywood producers, Brian Singer, in the best traditions of the trailers for Hollywood blockbusters.

The agency Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard and the event agency elefante did all of the work needed to organize the event: work with the mass media, development of a visual concept and all designs, as well as the sets and decorations.

Inmarko, LLP (before March 31, 2010 JSC “Inmarko”) holds leading positions on the Russian ice-market in terms of production and sales. The company’s share in the Russian ice-cream market is over 20% (according to research agency Nielsen in January 2011 in the biggest cities in Russia with a population over 10,000). In February 2008, Inmarko became a member of Unilever group in Russia. Inmarko produces and sells more than 100 types of ice-cream with 18 its own trade names such as Magnat, Ekzo, San-Cremo, and Golden Standard. Inmarko products are at present sold on the internal Russian market and exported to CIS-countries such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. For more details on Inmarko business and trade names, go to

Magnat is the leading Inmarko brand. The ice cream with this trade name recently won the Product of the Year award for the second year in a row. In 2010, Magnat was hailed the most favorite ice cream of Russian citizens (according to the rating “Favorite brands of Russian citizens – 2010”). This means that every ninth respondent said that his or her favorite ice-cream bore the Magnat trade name.

Unilever began operating on the Russian market in 1992. Unilever now owns 8 big Russian enterprises, including a margarine plant in Moscow, a sauce and tea weighting plant and perfume and cosmetics factory in Saint-Petersburg, a food factory and ice cream plant in Tula, as well as ice cream plants in Novosibirsk and Omsk. Total company investments in the Russian economy are nearly 1 billion EURO with more than 6,500 employees.

The Unilever brand portfolio in Russia includes such well-known food brands as Calve mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces, Hellman’s mayonnaise, Rama spreads, Crème Bonjour plant and curd creams, margarine for pastries “Pyshka”, Knorr soups and dressings, Beseda, Brooke Bond and Lipton tea as well as popular brands of personal hygiene products and domestic chemicals: Dove shampoos and cosmetics, Clear vita ABE, Sunsilk and Timotei shampoos and hair care, Rexona and Axe antiperspirants, and Domestos, Cif and Glorix cleaners and disinfectants.

With the acquisition of the Russian ice-cream producer, Imarco, in 2008, trade names such as Ekzo, Magnat, San-Cremo, Golden Standard, etc. were added to the Unilever range of products. In July 2009, Unilever declared acquisition of the sauce business of the Baltimore Company – the leader on the Russian ketchup market – with Baltimore and Vostochnyi Gurman brands of ketchups, mayonnaise and tomato paste.

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