Partnership With LEOVIT Nutrio Begins

LEOVIT nutrio, the leading Russian producer of functional food, together with communications agency Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard, has launched a PR campaign to support a new series of balanced, weight correction food programs called ‘Getting thinner in a week’. During the launch the agency organized a press conference to discuss the advantages of complex low-calorie programs. The popular TV host of the Dom-2 reality show Ksenia Borodina became the face of the brand. Thanks to the ‘Getting thinner in a week’ food programs Ksenia Borodina managed to lose about 12 kgs in three months and she shared her experience with the journalists.

The ‘Getting thinner in a week’ program consists of a number of dishes intended to promote gradual decrease and stabilization of weight. Products in this series are prepared from natural components: fresh vegetables, fruit, wheat, greens and spices. Guests at the press conference had a unique opportunity to try some of LEOVIT nutrio’s diet products and to find out about all the details of the innovative program.

Tatyana Pilat, General Director of LEOVIT nutrio, member of the profile commission on dietology of the health care Advisory Council of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia, member of the executive council of IADSA, MD, professor of I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University comments: «The ‘Getting thinner in a week’ program contains foods which contain the optimum balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And even in a low calorie diet, the body will receive all the elements necessary to function normally».

Elena Fadeeva, General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard commented: «This press conference is an excellent start for a new campaign supporting LEOVIT nutrio dietary products. We are sure that it will become a key element of the success of this brand’s balanced foods distribution programs in Russia».

The LEOVIT nutrio company promotes an innovative approach to population improvement through food and actively supports a healthy lifestyle. The company was founded in 1999, and now it is one of the leading national producers of functional food. Since 2001 the scientific and technological division together with the medical management of LEOVIT nutrio has carried out intensive research in the field of new generation products – dietary, treatment-and-prophylactic and dry food concentrates with added vitamins. The experience gained and developed by years of work and high professionalism of the company’s staff have created unique products, aiding both beauty and fitness.