Elena Fadeeva Spoke at the 6th PR Russia Forum

The 6th PR Russia Forum-2013 was held in Moscow. Key topics included ways of achieving business-goals in a new, information driven environment and under conditions of globalization (raging from tools to evaluation). Conference participants discussed challenges that Russian companies face in this new communication environment and the main tools that can effectively solve current business problems. These included implementing cross-sectoral cooperation between the PR departments of various companies and creating products and projects that can help with market development.   

Elena Fadeeva, General Director of Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard and honorary Chairman of the AKOS Board, spoke during the forum’s plenary session and presented to the audience a report entitled ‘What challenges and opportunities do PR companies’ departments face in 2013? The report was created based on the latest studies conducted in the communication industry.

During her presentation Ms. Fadeeva named the main challenges for the companies’ information policies, including increased rivalry between the companies for the attention of the Media, stakeholders and certain customers. She also stressed the increased importance of social and online media compared to the traditional media and the increased impact of internal and external audiences on the companies’ communication image. The speaker highlighted the importance of the new codes development, that defines the ethical norms and standards for the communication industry.

“Often, challenges that businesses face are themselves huge opportunities for PR activities, – Elena said. – According to the results of studies made by European experts, along with the existence of a development barrier because of a lack of understanding of the functions of communication by top-management (this was stated by the 84,2% of the respondents), heads of companies make decisions under the direct influence of these communication channels (increasing importance of this communication phenomena was by noted by 33,8% of respondents). At this moment it is difficult to justify the direct impact the communications have on achieving organizational goals (75,3%), and as a result, there is a crisis when it comes to identifying PR in corporate structure. Nevertheless, if our work moves in the right direction alongside consolidation of efforts of the PR communities, then the role communication plays in business strategy implementation will be more transparent and the results will be more predictable.”

Leading professionals from the PR service market, heads of PR and marketing departments of major Russian and international companies made presentations at the Forum, that, since its creation, has become the leading platform for PR industry. There were speakers from the following companies: Allianz, Bosch CIS and Georgia, Digital, Ericsson, Fleishman-Hillard Vanguard, Headhunter, Henkel, Mail.Ru Group, PR Partner, X5 Retail Group, «Alfa-bank», «EvrazHolding», publishing house «Kommersant», «Megafon» and «Yandex» est.