Elena Fadeeva Held the Third Meeting of AMR's Professional Services Committee

The Professional Services Committee of the Russian Managers Association headed by Elena Fadeeva, FHV’s General Director, held an event titled “The Development of Human Resources for the Professional Services Market”.

The meeting covered a range of important issues, including strategies for the development of HR potential, new educational programs and training for employees among other things. The following members participated as speakers: Vera Starodubtseva, Head of HR Department at KPMG; Anna Zhdanova, HR manager at KPMG; Yulia Shatalova, advisor to the president at SMAO; Oksana Scherbakova, Head of the Development Department at SMAO; Vasily Erokhin, Manager of International Projects at the Business School of the Moscow University of Finance and Law; Svetlana Giatsintova, HR Director at HeadHunter; Marina Tarnopolskaya, Managing Partner at Agentstvo Kontakt and Maria Chervontseva, Head of HR Department at All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM).

The event brought together top executives from PR, marketing and corporate communications agencies, investment consultancies, companies providing HR, IT and auditing services and representatives from other segments of the industry.

The Russian Managers Association (AMR) is an independent business NGO founded in 1998 with an aim to foster integration of Russia in the global world and raise the business and ethical standards of the business community in Russia.  It also strives to mediate productive dialogue between business and society and promote a positive attitude to Russian managers both within Russia and abroad. Members of the Russian Managers Association form one of the most active segments of the business community in Russia.