FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s Corporate Legal Counsel Speaks at the Bolshoy Consulting’13 Forum

Evgeny Mikhailov, FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s legal counsel, spoke at the Bolshoy Consulting’13 forum. Evgeniy spoke on the topic of “Effective Purchases under the conditions of the Federal Contracting System”.

One of the main participants of the forum is the Department of External Economic and International Relations of the Moscow Government. Bolshoy Consulting is an important event for the industry bringing together top managers and owners of consulting businesses, heads of departments of financial and credit centers, investment and insurance companies and representatives of government. Among the speakers at the forum are leading consultants and experts in the field of financial security, risk management, management of land and property relations, and branding professionals.

The key topic discussed at this year’s event is the new realities the Russian economy is facing and the subsequent changes in civil law designed as a response to them. Evgeny’s report contributed to the discussion on the development of new legislation to regulate public procurement by introducing the modern practice of public order and spoke about the benefits of the new system.

Evgeniy commented, “Such events are a great way to establish partnerships and exchange experience with companies that provide professional services. This is an excellent opportunity to help the legal framework within which consulting companies work and subsequently affect a change in the law”.