AKOS completes a Series of Lectures at St. Petersburg State University

Association of Consultancies in the field of public relations (AKOS) completed a series of lectures for 4th year students of public relations at the Philosophy Department of the Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communications of St. Petersburg State University. The special course in the format of creative studios was led by Elena Fadeeva, FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director, Head of AKOS Working Group on Educational Projects.

The course incorporated presentations by the creative director of BC Communications Sergei Dryamov, leading PR Manager of PepsiCo Anna Medvedeva, Head of Strategic Communications at SPN Communications Yuri Lashmanov, Head of Strategic Planning of UTair Aviation Sergei Kalinchuk, as well the CEO of UTrair Lev Koshliakov and its chief spokesperson Elena Galanova.

The industry experts spoke about the rules of presenting a company, latest communications trends and covered various aspects of branding. During the lectures, the top PR professionals presented to the audience topical case studies, shared practical experiences, and conducted educational projects, giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to practice.

Elena Fadeeva, FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director:”A unique course, which aims to give students a practical training, was designed especially for one of the country’s leading higher education establishments – the St. Petersburg State University. The series of lectures was presented in the form of creative studios. Within the framework of the project, our lecturers told young PR specialists about contemporary trends in PR, shared practical experience and presented relevant case studies. Such educational programs contribute to the development of professional skills among the young PR professionals and gives them a competitive advantage. ”

Professor Dmitry Gavra, Head of the Public Relations Program at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of St. Petersburg State University:”It is very important for us that the project, which was initiated by AKOS a year ago, got to grow. Elena Fadeeva managed to not only develop an innovative educational product, which allows undergraduate and graduate students to learn the latest technologies of PR and integrated communications, but to also assemble a unique team of top lecturers. The materials they present will only make it into books in two or three years – these are ‘live’, practical cases. Our students get to hear this information now, which puts them one step ahead everyone else.  For the second consecutive year our internal assessment shows this course to be amongst the students’ favorite. Very significant is the fact that FleishmanHillard Vanguard offered internships to the students of the PR in Business department. We picked the best ones among them and we hope they will not disappoint”.



Association of Consultancies in the field of public relations (AKOS) – brand new for the Russian market, PR Association – was formed March 16, 1999, and joined the most authoritative independent Russian companies working in the field of public relations. To date, the Association includes 30 professional companies who are responsible for 60% of Russian PR services market. AKOS – Russian branch of the International Association of Consultancies in the field of public relations (ICCO). ICCO, founded in 1988, consists of 28 national organizations comprising more than 1500 PR-agencies. Worldwide membership in the ICCO is an accepted indicator of professionalism of the organization, quality of services provided. All members of the ICCO, including agencies, members of the ICCO, follow the ethical standards adopted by the Association. Among the main objectives of AKOS: development of a highly transparent and efficient industry PR services in Russia, setting high ethical standards, the development of PR, education, representation of public interests of its members.

Working Group on Educational Projects headed by Elena Fadeeva

Head of the working group: Elena Fadeeva, General Director, FleishmanHillard Vanguard

Activities: introduction of new educational standards in PR communications; holding public lectures, workshops, round tables in order to improve the quality of PR education.

The Working Group cooperates with leading universities in Russia, including Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg State University and others.