Code of Ethics for the Communications Industry Presented

A memorandum of intent to ratify the Code of Ethics for the Communications Industry was signed on the 25th of September during the Baltic PR Weekend, Eastern Europe’s biggest international forum on communications.

The memorandum was signed by heads of Russia’s leading business and communications associations, such as the Association of Consultancies in the Field of Public Relations (AKOS), Russian Managers Association (AMR), Russian branch of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), Russian Association of Marketing Services, Russian Association of Political Consultants and Russian Public Relations Association.

The text of the Code was developed by a working group led by AKOS honorary chairwoman, FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director Elena Fadeeva.

Russian legislation largely regulates the communications industry; however, many of the ethical aspects of communication remain ignored, which was the impetus behind the creation of the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics in Communications is an agreement that is unprecedented for Russia. Its purpose is to create a set of common ethical standards for communication, including communication between business partners, employees, representatives of the media and in the social media.

The Code includes a provision for the settlement of disputes and conflicts, and a provision on the creation of a commission on ethics, which would be called upon in  case of a conflict or dispute. Depending on how serious the misconduct is, the comission has a range of sanctions that it can impose, including expulsion of the person in violation of the Code from one of the associations.

Members of the associations who signed the code will be issued a certificate and included in a public register.

The Code is to be ratified within three months after the signing of the memorandum.