RMA Professional Services Committee Discuss New Challenges and Solutions

On April 8th, the Russian Managers Association (RMA) held the first annual meeting of the Professional Services Committee for business, during which industry players, led by FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director and Committee head Elena Fadeeva, discussed the issues facing professional services firms today, as well as ways to address them. Challenges of economic and political nature, the associated changes of client requirements and the contractor selection procedures, increasing requirements on staff qualification, the lack of legal regulation – these are some of the problems currently facing market players in the professional services industry. However, members of the Committee agreed that the new challenges are also new opportunities that one must reap, and discussed ways to solve current problems.

The professional services Committee of the RMA unites company leaders from various sectors of the professional business services market. The Committee is an independent expert panel, which aims to develop a consolidated position on the most pressing issues and challenges facing the industry. The Committee works to develop the professional services market, strengthening partnerships between the market participants, the state and the society in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry and its development.

The meeting of the Committee was attended by professionals of various functions, including the following: audit consultants, finance and business management, vocational training, recruitment, legal services, accounting, collection agencies, marketing communications consultants, research and media monitoring companies. The reports and proposals were made by the Managing Partner of FinExpertiza Nina Kozlova; CEO of the FinExpertiza Network Larissa Kosholkina; Director of the National Association of Collection Agencies Boris Voronin; Director and Partner of Russia Consulting Lars Flottrong; Executive Director of CFA Russia Vladimir Tutkevich; Executive Director of the Recruitment Consultants Association Natela Chugunova; Head of the Industry Department at Penny Lane Personnel Anastasia Selivanchik; Director of Business Development at GFK Rus Ekaterina Stepaniyuk; CEO of PR News Lilya Glazova.

Vadim Kovalev, Deputy Executive Director of the RMA: “We are glad that the Committee has become an effective platform for cooperation between specialists in the field of professional services for business, since uniting the manager community and solving relevant professional issues is the main objective of the Association. The Committee management has developed extensive work plans for 2015, and I am sure that its initiatives will contribute to the formation of a highly professional, ethical and transparent business environment and enhance the competitiveness of the Russian economy as a whole.”

Elena Fadeeva, FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director and Head of the Professional Services Committee: “Today, the professional business services industry faces both new challenges and new opportunities. Also notable is the evolving requirements businesses pose to the sector, the need to further develop professional education standards and a greater transparency, as well as determine the volume of the market sector and its trends, and legal regulation. Our plans include a number of initiatives to promote the industry and the profession, as well as the perception of the industry.”

During the meeting, its participants also discussed the Committee’s other plans that focus on strengthening the role of the professional services sector in the Russian economy, increasing professionalism and transparency of the industry in general, and image management in the media field. The Committee will work to advance the best local and international practices and standards, and to maintain public and legislative initiatives that contribute to the development of the industry. In the short term, the Committee will work on a series of events and meetings to discuss and develop a consolidated position on education and development of the sector, the relationship with the community and other relevant industry topics.