FleishmanHillard Strengthens Global Crisis Communications Practice with the Expansion of FH 2020

FleishmanHillard Inc., the world’s most complete global communications firm, announced the expansion of its crisis communications practice with the deployment of FH 2020, a digital media crisis management solution offered in all locations needed by clients and in the areas most effective for them. FH 2020 enables businesses to prepare, anticipate, detect and mitigate crises in real-time through a strategic combination of people, processes and technologies.

By the end of 2014, around 40 percent of the world population, or 3 billion people, has an Internet connection. In 1995, it was less than 1 percent. Looking at this growth, businesses today are faced with a different set of challenges – building and protecting reputation while moving at the speed of social. In addition to monitoring and understanding the ever changing traditional media landscape, crisis today is exacerbated by social media. Managing social dialogues around brands in this unpredictable environment is only going to become more challenging with most crisis situations now being aggravated (or initiated) by a digital crisis.

Designed as a digital media crisis management platform, FH 2020 comprises a distributed network of trained analysts based in key markets across the globe. These analysts work together to provide real-time, global, multi-lingual data integrated with a collaborative work space and a real-time content creation and distribution system. In a crisis, FH 2020 can be set up within minutes, providing critical real-time data and business intelligence to put insights into the hands of key decision makers. With a physical presence in 12 time zones and covering more than 20 languages, the FH 2020 network of more than 150 certified crisis counsellors ensures that FleishmanHillard can address local, regional and global crises immediately and on an on-going basis.

As an all-encompassing digital crisis solution, FH 2020 will enable businesses with the ability to sift through the social clutter to anticipate threats before they happen and deploy the most effective and holistic response strategy when a crisis unfolds. FH 2020 has already been deployed in over 20 client implementations and has tracked issues in over a dozen languages. It is fully scalable to address crisis preparedness, incidents/adverse events, issues management, labour relations and litigation support.

Elena Fadeeva, General director, FleishmanHillard Vanguard:

«We are now in the 21st century, with social media and all things digital booming and expanding their importance for corporate and brand reputation. FH 2020 has been designed to help companies manage this challenging, ever changing environment, and is just the right tool to anticipate, prevent and respond to a digital crisis before it can affect business. We are proud to provide direct access to the solution to our clients in Russia and CIS thanks to the local team who have been certified to work within FH 2020 and have extensive experience in managing crises of any scale and geography ».

For more information, view the FleishmanHillard Crisis overview video.