RMA Professional Services Committee Discussed Actual Challenges Facing the Industry

On November 13th, the Russian Managers Association (RMA) held the meeting of the Professional Services Committee for business, led by Head of the Commitee and FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director Elena Fadeeva. The meeting was devoted to challenges facing the industry in today’s economic environment. Views and opinions on the current industry issues were shared within three sections of the event, represented by customers from the largest Russian and international enterprisers, industry players – consultancies in such fields as HR, finance, communications, security, education, digital etc., as well as industry regulators.

The professional services Committee of the RMA unites company leaders from various sectors of the professional business services market. The Committee is an independent expert panel, which aims to develop a consolidated position on the most pressing issues and challenges facing the industry. The Committee works to develop the professional services market, strengthening partnerships between the market participants, the state and the society in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry and its development.

Within the meeting, reports and insights were shared by Maria Rybakova, Head of communications and information policy of the United Heavy Machinery Plants; Vladimir Tutkevich, Executive Director of CFA Russia; Yaroslav Yurchak, Head of Yar Security group of companies; Valery Sidorenko, General Director of Interium agency; Zhanna Volkova, Marketing manager of Kelly Services; Yulia Usova, President of the Institute of Professional Education and the others. The discussion was moderated by Elena Fadeeva, General Director of FleishmanHillard Vanguard, and Yury Praslov, the Director of corporate and marketing communications of RMA.

The need in highly qualified and experienced professionals, improving education and staff qualification as well as coming to a mutual agreement on the dialogue between customers and professional services providers were some of the points discussed by the speakers at the meeting. Speakers also mentioned growing importance of new technologies, which are developing rapidly and therefore increasing the speed of cooperation of the parties. Customers are interested in responsible, reliable and stable partners for long-term cooperation, while contractors are looking for more understanding of procurement procedures and priorities. In general, the sector tends to transparency, mutual understanding and open dialogue.

Elena Fadeeva, General Director FleishmanHillard Vanguard and Head of the Professional Services Committee:

“One of the current trends that sparked debates at the meeting was a need of an open dialogue between contractors and customers, which would provide more understanding of procurement policies. In the nearest future the Committee plans a special session with representatives of corporate purchasing departments, devoted to nowadays trends in the procurement procedures to bring to the table new tendencies and today’s needs in this sphere. Many thanks to all the participants of today’s meeting for interesting and informative discussion!”

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