RMA Professional Services Committee Discussed Current Trends in Procurement Procedures and Future of the Tourism Market in Russia

On December 17th, the Russian Managers Association (RMA) held the meeting of the Professional Services Committee for business, devoted to the following topics: «Trends in procurement procedures and policies in current market environment» and «Challenges facing the tourism industry». In the framework of the meeting presentations were made by Sergey Polyakov, Head of the central procurement, Cherkizovo Group; Yulia Usova, President of the Institute of Professional Education and the Director of «Big Consulting» magazine; Alexander Kurnosov, Deputy General Director of Academservice; Andrey Avdeev, Deputy General Director, Mosgortur; Konstantin Zolotarev, Head of Karjala Park; Inna Beltukova, the Chairman of the Board of «Inna Tour»; Maya Kotlyar, founder and CEO of Mayel Travel. The discussion was moderated by Elena Fadeeva, the Head of the Committee, FleishmanHillard Vanguard’s General Director and President of Orta communications group and Vadim Kovalev, First Deputy of RMA Executive Director.

The professional services Committee of the RMA unites company leaders from various sectors of the professional business services market. The Committee is an independent expert panel, which aims to develop a consolidated position on the most pressing issues and challenges facing the industry. The Committee works to develop the professional services market, strengthening partnerships between the market participants, the state and the society in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry and its development.

In the course of the meeting participants discussed current trends in the area of procurement policies applied to the professional services for business, as well as possible ways of future development of the tourism industry. Within the first panel, heads of purchasing departments of the leading Russian and international companies shared important facts about specifics of their profession and responded to some of the sensitive questions of the professional services industry representatives, explaining best practices and international ethical standards which would help potential suppliers succeed in competitions and tenders. The meeting highlighted a desire of business communities to work with contractors who provide added value, extra ideas and suggestions, think proactively and propose innovative solutions. Speakers also emphasized the overall market movement towards more ethical and transparent procurement procedures and policies.

In the section devoted to the tourism industry, the reports were made by the representatives of all market segments – tour operators, government bodies, agencies, hotels. The panelists pointed out that the priorities and principles that have been typical for the market for many years, nowadays are being actively reviewed. They also discussed the trend of industry re-orientation to the domestic and inbound tourism as well as the urgent need in extension and modernization of infrastructure to support the growing wave of domestic tourism.

Elena Fadeeva, General Director of FleishmanHillard Vanguard, President of Orta communications group, Head of the Professional Services Committee:  «It is great to see how meetings of the professional services committee continuously raise such interesting topics which are really relevant to the industry today. I would like to thank the speakers representing tourism industry for sharing valuable analysis and insightful forecasts. It is really important that despite the new challenges, industry players grasp new opportunities and see ways for future development. And I am particularly pleased that within the procurement trends part of the meeting, all the speakers stressed how increasingly important it is becoming to develop and implement more transparent and ethical policies and procedures as well as to establish open dialogue between the parties. Once again I would like to thank all the participants for an interesting and fruitful discussion».

FleishmanHillard Vanguard