Agenda for the Future of Communications Built at the Leadership Dialogue Forum in Moscow

Agenda for the future of communications, media and leadership was recently discussed in Moscow at the Leadership Dialogue Forum – the largest event in Eastern Europe devoted to leadership in communications. Organized by Orta Communications Group, Russian Managers Association, Moscow State University and the Russian State Social University (RSSU) and supported by Boehringer Ingelheim, Tele2, the Holmes Report, ICCO and IPRA, the Forum brought together key leaders and experts in communications, media, leadership as well as CCOs representing both corporate and public sectors, in addition to young professionals and students from Russia and Eastern Europe.

The most emerging trends shaping up the industry in the next years were discussed at the Leadership Dialogue Conference with two panel discussions – Future of Media and Future of Leadership, and at the Future of Communications strategic session divided into two blocks – Corporate and Public Sector. International and Russian experts outlined influential trends and disruptive factors transforming media, communications and leadership in both short and long term.

Elena Fadeeva, Founder and General Director, FleishmanHillard Vanguard, Chair of the Board, Leadership Dialogue Forum:

“The two-day Leadership Dialog Forum gathered over 1000 people from 30 cities of 9 countries, outlined the key trends in media, leadership and communications and became the platform for discussing and shaping the future agenda. Leaders and experts highlighted new challenges facing the discipline that set a high level of expectations towards communications’ transparency and efficiency in all sectors. Various communications disciplines are merging, and the true power belongs today to integrated multichannel campaigns. We also see how public sector takes over the best practices employed by companies and corporations, while corporate sector places its stakes on responsible business approaches to address expectations of the society. This perfectly matches the results of a 6 countries survey conducted within the Forum. It shows that people want to see communications as an honorable profession with clear public-serving objectives and a role in making a positive change to the society. There is a huge belief that in the future communications as a discipline should be focused on making an on-going contribution to building a truthful, authentic and timely informational and news landscape, bringing public good and enriching people’s lives”.

The Forum was crowned by 5th Eventiada Awards, international PR and communications awards celebrating best practices both in corporate/public sector and those conducted by younger generations.