Eventiada IPRA GWA 2020 is open for entries, welcoming campaigns supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The largest communication award in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and CIS — Eventiada IPRA GWA opens for entries. Eventiada IPRA GWA is the regional partner of the IPRA Golden World Awards, a global competition held since 1990 by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), one of the oldest industry associations, that has been setting up standards for public relations since 1955 and cooperating with the UN since 1984.

This year Eventiada IPRA GWA joins IPRA Golden World Awards in supporting sustainable development. Our program now includes categories for outstanding campaigns supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and many new corporate awards. For the first time in addition to Grand Prix our international jury will award the Sustainable Development Grand Prix.

Key dates:
• August 19, 2020 – we are open for entries
• November 16, 2020 – entries close
• December 4, 2020 – gala ceremony

Alexey Safronov, Eventiada IPRA GWA President, Orta Communications Group General Director: “Eventiada IPRA GWA has been growing very actively, just last year 13 countries of Eastern Europe, CIS and Central Asia joined our competition for excellence in communications. This year we are so happy to present updated categories, with more corporate, social and public sector awards. We are also delighted to join IPRA in support of sustainable development. We feature awards for outstanding campaigns supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals, including a dedicated Grand Prix. Eventiada IPRA GWA international jury is looking forward selecting and celebrating best-in-class campaigns from across the region. And, as usual, we continue to evaluate best work done by students, to share new generation’s vision of the world we live in and its future. ”

Svetlana Stavreva, IPRA President: “COVID-19 has made us realize that the future will not be not as comfortable as the past – for us, for our clients, for our industry and for our communities. The role of the PR profession has been redefined across borders and board rooms, in the society and within the new media channels. Today our work needs to address not only the strategic issues and values of the organization and the brand we are responsible for, but to ensure communications is based on truth, greater purpose, relevance and ethics. The long term relationship between IPRA and the UN, as well as UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, provide the perfect framework for the PR practitioners to work differently and to respond better to the new realities. We are very happy that Eventiada IPRA GWA, the largest communications award programme in the region, is part of this process”.

Eventiada IPRA GWA accepts entries in the following categories:

• Outstanding Campaigns Supporting UN SDGs
• Practice Areas Awards
• Special Categories Awards
• Personal Categories Awards
• Contribution to Communications Industry Categories
• Media Categories
• Best Youth Campaigns

We are now open for entries for campaigns that took place between Sep 1, 2019 and Sep 1, 2020, please submit in English via our website: www.eventiada.com.